Kitchen Splash-Backs are both a visually attractive and a practical way of protecting your household walls from damage. Splash-Backs stop potentially harmful substances from literally “splashing back” against the wall and causing damage to the underlying structure of your home. This is why it is so important to have these Splash-Backs fitted around the Kitchen.
They also prevent tough substances such as grease and oil from staining your walls,
We custom build these to our customers’ specifications.
Up Stands cover the gaps between your worktops and the walls, and often used as a stylish alternative to tiling the wall above and below your worktops.
They are easy to clean and prevent any substances from falling behind your worktops. Available in a wide range of colours and materials to make sure they match the design of the room.
These are grooves made into a worktop (usually next to a sink), which provide a path for water to flow back down into a basin. Stylish and sleek in design, but are not available for laminate worktops.Recessed DrainerThese usually go hand in hand with draining grooves and are a sunken layer in a worktop which helps to contain any excess water. These are also not available with laminate worktops due to the laminate material being too thin.
Having your window sills made out of the same material as your worktops maintains the general flow of the room. They also make it easier to clean everything at once instead of having to change cleaning materials for different surfaces.
Pencil Square ­ Most common edge finish; bevelled top and bottom with a straight front edge. Pencil Round ­ A rounded top with a bevelled bottom edge. Half Bull Nose ­ Normally for bathroom worktops; a rounded top edge which looks like a quarter of a circle. Full Bull Nose ­ Usually for bathroom worktops; a rounded top and bottom edge making a sort of semi-circle. 20+20 mm ­ A small strip glued underneath the worktop with a slightly visible joining line. 30+30 mm ­ A small strip glued underneath the worktop with a somewhat noticeable seam. Ogee ­ A sort of slanted S-shaped finish to the worktop. Down-Stand ­ L-shaped down-stand with a subtle join line.